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Aeoliah - Angels of Healing 2

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Angels of Healing 2  By: Aeoliah

Very Good +++ Condition. (Includes Original artwork, jewel case, and CD)

In many ways, Angels of Healing: Music for Reiki, Massage, Healing, and Alignment, Vol. 4 is the best CD of this series. Aeoliah has been able to sustain and build upon the strong positive energy of the first three discs and reconfigure the atmospheres. This music is gentle and somewhat more sedate and somber than the others. This soundscape rolls around and inside listeners as it opens several avenues for searching and healing. The symphonic timbres are overt, and the metallic textures give this disc sci-fi space music appeal.

A Review:

I came across this music about 2001 and use it all the time in energy balancing and Reiki. I found Volume Two suited me better than Volume One, although the music is nearly identical. I find Angels of Healing particularly helpful because the high notes tend to draw me "upwards". In this music there are no nature sounds [birds twittering, waves crashing], no gongs, no percussion, and no catchy melodies. It's simply soothing, ethereal music that glides along. It's unobtrusive. If you just sit and listen to this music it may not do much for you. It could be almost boring. BUT, if you are engaged in energy work, you may find it helps you slip effortlessly into the flow so that you know intuitively where to place your hands. At least, that's been my experience.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Chintamani: The Treasure - Aeoliah
  2. The Healing Heart - Aeoliah

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