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Barbara Pond Illustrated by Edward & Marcia Norman

A Sampler of Wayside Herbs - By: Barbara Pond

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A Sampler of Wayside Herbs    

By Barbara Pond  Illustrated by Edward & Marcia Norman

Good Condition - Dust jacket shows some wear & tear

A Sampler of Wayside Herbs: Rediscovering Old Uses for Familiar Wild Plants
126 pp. Illustrated with 32 full-page watercolor paintings and 60 fine-line pencil drawings. "The text describes each plant's interesting history, its role in literature and legend, and its herbal uses of the past, including the making of scents, dyes, cosmetics, sachets, flavorings and confections. There are recipes for old favorites such as Dandelion Wine, Spice Rose Hip Jelly, and Soup with Sorrel and Eggs... They are arranged in order of their blossoming cycle from early spring through late fall, and are indexed by both common and scientific names."Keywords: BARBARA POND EDWARD MARCIA NORMAN SAMPLER OF WAYSIDE HERBS REDISCOVERING OLD USES FOR FAMILIAR WILD PLANTS HOME GARDEN HORTICULTURE BOTANY

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