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Ozzie and Harriett

Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Vol 3 [VHS]

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Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Vol 3 [VHS]

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This video is from the Primary years. It includes:

1. An evening with Hamlet with guest star John Carradine

2. Halloween with an appearance by Jerry Mathers


A Beautiful Day (4-13-56)
When Ozzie buys a pair of mismatched shoes, everybody's mood goes downhill.

Lonesome Parents (3-15-62)
Ozzie & Harriet haven't heard from David and June lately and start to wonder if it's just not lively enough around the Nelson household for them.

Big Dog (1-27-65)
Rick plans to give Kris a Great Dane dog for her birthday but is having trouble finding a large enough hiding space for it.

Flying Down to Lunch (11-17-65)
Although Ozzie and Joe have a dinner date with their wives, they impulsively accept an invitation to fly to Mexico City for lunch.

This info is from the back cover of the box. 26 mins. each.

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