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Bob Seger - Against The Wind [Remastered]

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Against The Wind [Remastered]

By Bob Seger (2003-06-24)

Very +++ Good Condition. (Includes original artwork inserts, jewel case, and CD)

If you had to choose a single voice of blue-collar American rock & roll, you might well settle on Bob Seger's as that iconic sound. AGAINST THE WIND could be Exhibit A as you face down the Springsteens and the Pettys and the Mellencamps make your case.

There are several tracks on this album in which Seger hits his stride and holds it long enough to sound as though he'd have to be invented if he were not available to sing in just this way. 'You'll Accomp'ny Me' is the first of them.


 The Horizontal Bop                          4:00

You'll Accomp'ny Me                       3:58

Her Strut                                           3:52

No Man's Land                                 3:41

Long Twin Silver Line                      4:15

Against The Wind                             5:32

Good For Me                                    4:01

Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight        2:53

Fire Lake                                          3:32

Shinin' Brightly                                 4:25

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