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K-Ci & JoJo

K-CI & JoJo - All My Life / Tell Me It's Real

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All My Life / Tell Me It's Real   

By K.C. and JoJo

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A Review:

K-CI & JoJo can sing/Sang,but aside from a few tracks as a Duo nothing has matched what they did with Jodeci. they sound strong vocally here,but the Lyrics & Music are something that is cool if shopping for a Hall Mark card or if you are into something Sappy.I still hope these Cats do that Gut Bucket Performance that I know they have in them.


1          All My Life (Album Version)

2          All My Life (The Utopia Redd Remix)         

3          Tell Me It's Real (Album Version)     

4          Tell Me It's Real (Dave Jam Hall Remix)

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