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Nine Movies

All Star Action (DVD - 9 Movies) - By Various Artists

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All Star Action   DVD    Nine Movies - Over 15 Hours

By: Various Artists

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St. Claire Vision delivers plenty of big stars in this collection of high-octane action movies, but the quality of production ranges widely from quite bad to quite good. Most of these films can be found on one or another of Mill Creek's 50-Movie Packs, but one of my favorite cheesy 1970s TV movies, "Hurricane," I've never seen on DVD before. The print quality is outstanding for all the films in the set. Here are the plotlines:

Scandal Sheet (1985): A scumbag publisher of a supermarket tabloid sets out to destroy what's left of the career of a movie star who is a recovering alcoholic, all in the name of increased circulation. To further his scheme, the publisher hires a friend of the actor who is up to her neck in debt to assist with the hatchet-job.

Kill Cruise (1989): A down-and-out German skipper agrees to sail two buxom beauties from Gibraltar to the West Indies and finds more trouble than he planned on.

Gold (1974): An Englishman tries to prevent saboteurs from destroying a South African gold mine and discovers that the goons are in the employ of the company's owners.

Rogue Male (1976): Just before World War II, an Englishman tries to assassinate Hitler but fails, then attmepts to escape from Nazi Germany with the Gestapo hot on his trail.

A Real American Hero (1978): A backwoods sheriff turns vigilante and tries to end the career of a bootlegger selling poisonous liquor.

Out (1982): Pretentious drivel concerns drifter who spouts inane philosophy about American culture, or the lack thereof. Danny Glover had only a minor role, but subsequent video and DVD releases have pumped up his presence because of his subsequent stardom.

The Sell-Out (1976): A retired CIA agent is asked by a former protégé who defected to the Soviets to help him flee from Israel before western agents can capture or kill him.

Hurricane (1974): A Category Five hurricane has a Gulf Coast town right in its sights, but many homeowners refuse to leave their dwellings for higher ground. Meanwhile at sea, a pleasure boat owner battles wind, wave and a near-empty gas tank while trying to keep his family safe.

Bail Out (1988): A tennis pro turned bounty hunter is hired by a bail bondsman to rescue the witness to a murder from Mexican gangsters.

Here are each film's stars and their ratings from a major movie database site:
Scandal Sheet (1985): Burt Lancaster, Robert Urich, Lauren Hutton and Pamela Reed (5.5)
Kill Cruise aka Der Skipper (1989): Jurgen Prochnow, Elizabeth Hurley and Patsy Kensit (4.9)
Gold (1974): Roger Moore, Susannah York, John Gielgud and Ray Milland (5.5)
Rogue Male (1976): Peter O'Toole, John Standing and Alistair Sim (6.9)
A Real American Hero (1978): Brian Dennehy, Forrest Tucker, Lance Kerwin, Ken Howard and Sheree North (5.9)
Out aka Deadly Drifter (1982): Peter Coyote, O-Lan Jones and Danny Glover (2.9)
The Sell-Out (1976): Oliver Reed, Richard Widmark and Gayle Hunnicutt (4.7)
Hurricane (1974): Larry Hagman, Martin Milner, Jessica Walter and Frank Sutton (3.6)
W.B., Blue and the Bean aka Bail Out (1988): David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair (4.1)

Extras include an episode from the radio series "Escape" entitled `Action'. It aired on April 4, 1948. Other features include several movie trailers and a poster gallery for the movies in the set.


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