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Dave Hentschel

An MBA the Hard Way - By: Dave Hentschel

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An MBA the Hard Way By Dave Hentschel

Good Condition - (Some pages have a waviness as if something was set on the book. Other than that, the book is in like new condition)


  • Some people get their MBA in school, but some of us achieve the same thing in the business world. I would suspect that the former is easier than the latter, but it certainly isn't as much fun. An MBA the Hard Way is a look into the true life story of Dave Hentschel and the many business events he went through as he worked hard to attain his MBA. Through many anecdotes of his life, Dave unravels his vast experience in the business world and the many personalities he met along the way - famous and otherwise. The reader also gets a glimpse of Dave's personal life, the struggles he went through, the love that he fought hard for, and his close relationship with God, who helped him get through it all. Learn the meanings of failure, perseverance, and success through the life of Dave Hentschel as he relates all he has been through in a story that is more about the realities of life than it is the adventure of a man who strove hard for success. Find out what it really takes to get through life in business and what you need to equip yourself with to face its many obstacles.

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  • Paperback:236 pages
  • Publisher:Tate Publishing (October 1, 2013)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1622955404
  • ISBN-13:978-1622955404
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