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Daniel L. Schafer

Anna Kingsley

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Anna Kingsley By:  Daniel L. Schafer

Good Condition. Cover is in Good Condition with light wear. Clean and Unmarked pages with slight waviness to some of the pages

"Provides an unexpectedly thorough account that traces the life of a woman from a Wolof village in Senegal, across the Atlantic via the middle passage, to a Florida community of African slaves and white slave owners."--Southern Historian

 "An absorbing account of Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley, an African woman who was enslaved, forcibly transported to Florida, held in bondage, freed, and married to her white master; she bore several of his children and then rose to prominence as a slaveholder. . . . Brings a wider understanding to the lives of enslaved and free women in the nineteenth century South."--Journal of American History

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