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Art Garfunkel - Lefty

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By Art Garfunkel

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Art Garfunkel's first regular studio album in nearly seven years was a pleasant enough exercise that did nothing to arrest his commercial or artistic decline. The idea of covering "I Have a Love" from West Side Story was a good one, the obligatory '50s cover, "So Much in Love," was well performed, and "Love Is the Only Chain" was a good piece of material, even if better performed by authors Pam Rose and Mary Ann Kennedy (who joined Garfunkel on this recording). The version of "When a Man Loves a Woman," so far away from Percy Sledge's emotional original, served to illustrate Garfunkel's detached approach to his material. But much of the album consisted of second-rate songs, frequently written by Stephen Bishop.



1 This Is The Moment   4:31
2 I Have A Love   4:28
3 So Much In Love   2:24
4 Slow Breakup   3:46
5 Love Is The Only Chain   4:07
6 When A Man Loves A Woman   4:30
7 I Wonder Why   3:22
8 King Of Tonga   3:27
9 If Love Takes You Away   3:47
10 The Promise   3:57

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