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Ayllu Sulca

Ayllu Sulca - Music of the Incas

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Music of the Incas

By Ayllu Sulca

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This is music for harp, two violins, quena flutes, mandolin, and percussion, recorded in Ayacucho, in the Quechua heartland. This family group combines village ruggedness with a certain musical "sophistication," to unusual and mostly very striking effect. Certainly it's a lot more interesting than the rather over-polite groups that get most of the running when it comes to Andean music -- often on political correctness rather than real musical distinction.


1 Carnavales Ayacuchanos
2 Utuscuruscha
3 Condorkunka
4 No Me Llames Por Mi Nombre
5 Caramelita De Mi Vida
6 Adios Pueblo De Ayacucho
7 Pobreza
8 Ripuy Ripuy
9 Sonqo Suwa
10 Garsila
11 Wayruritu
12 Lamento Andino
13 Bajo El Cielo Ayacuchano

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