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Pamela Whitman

Pamela Whitman - Beautiful Journey

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Beautiful Journey  

By Pamela Whitman

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Peaceful Flute Music from Around the World

Album Notes
Multi-Flutist Pamela Whitman transports audiences on a journey of the heart and spirit with her collection of rare flutes from around the world. According to the A&R L.A. Rock Scene, “Pamela Whitman has found a way to consistently present new and unique musical visions, based on the sounds and styles of diverse and time honored indigenous cultures world wide.” Beautiful Journey is Pamela Whitman at her best – soaring, original interpretations of flute songs culled from the artist’s world travel adventures. Pamela has devoted her career to connecting people and cultures through music. From a traditional Lakota Love Song (said to hold the power to awaken the love of all people) to the music of Tibet, India and Vietnam, Beautiful Journey is a musical celebration of the human family.

Listener Review "I placed the CD into the player,closed my eyes,and was instantly transported to a "land of peace". As I write this I'm listening,once again amazed by the sounds that bring rushes of peace,chills of serenity and tears of joy to my heart. Pamela's music has reached depths of my soul that I didn't know existed. Her ability to use her flutes as instruments of peace is truely amazing. Although I enjoy all of the songs my favorite is track 11 "Joyfully Sharing the Merit". The feeling it evokes in me can be compared to a walk through the woods of heaven,the path leading to an opening of splendor and a desire to feel it again and again. I say "YES",if your looking for peace of mind,a healthy way to unwind or just a different way you will find all of these in a "Beautiful Journey". I don't make promises I can't keep,without hesitation I promise you will not be disappointed ! Check it out !! Now !!!"


 1.Power Song of the Eagle

 2. Full of Light

 3. Gyagar Shar

 4. O Holy Night

 5. My Tibet

 6. Meditation

 7. Gandhi's Dream

 8. Beyond the Wall

 9. Picture Song

 10. Amazing Grace

 11. Joyfully Sharing the Merit

12. Beloved Community

 13. Remain Awake

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