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Les Quatuors a Cordes

Beethoven: The Complete String Quartets (Les Quatuors a Cordes) Boxed Set

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Beethoven: The Complete String Quartets + Grosse Fuge. Zoltan Szekely-violin, Alexandre Moskowsky-Violin and Denes Koromzay viola   By : Les Quatuors a Cordes

Good Condition. (4-CD Set - Jewel case has some scruffs and a small crack on the back. All four Cd's are in very good condition)

:The Hungarian Quartet may not be to everyone's taste and their Beethoven is going to strike some listeners as too vigorous and short-tempered but it kept my attention, much like Schnabel did with the piano sonatas. The Hungarian Quartet's style of playing is abrupt, by modern standards and often sounds rather impulsive, but they brought to my attention much detail that I never really noticed before. These are good sounding 1953 [mono] studio recordings of the whole Beethoven cycle and they are priceless, especially as it's out of print once again. I myself, would not want to be without many of these remarkable performances that are simply jaw dropping.

Disc 1     
Quatuor No. 1 en fa majeur/in F major/F-dur, Op. 18 no 1
Quatuor No. 2 en sol majeur/in G major/G-dur, Op. 18 no 2
Quatuor No. 3 en re majeur/in D major/D-dur, Op. 18 no 3
Disc 2
Quatuor No. 4 en ut mineur/in C minor/c-moll, Op. 10 no 4
Quatuor No. 5 en la majeur/in A major/A-dur, Op 18 no 5 
Quatuor No. 6 en si bemol majeur/in B flat major/B-dur, Op.18 no 6 
Disc 3
Quatuor No. 7 en la majeur/in F major/F-dur, Op 59 no 1 
Quatuor No. 8 en mi mineur/in E minor/e-moll, Op. 59 no 2 
Disc 4
Quatuor No. 9 en ut majeur/in C major/C-dur, Op 59 no 3 
Quatuor No. 10 en mi bemol majeur/in E flat major/Es-dur, Op 74 no 3 

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