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Randolph Scott (Actor), Gypsy Rose Lee (Actor), William A. Seiter (Director, Producer)

Belle of the Yukon

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Belle of the Yukon   DVD    Randolph Scott (Actor), Gypsy Rose Lee (Actor), William A. Seiter (Director, Producer) 

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Set in the days of the Great Alaskan Gold Rush, this dazzling musical stars Randolph Scott as Honest John Calhoun, a 'reformed con artist-turned-dance hall owner on the lam from the law in the upper reaches of the Yukon. Calhoun's former flame, Belle (Gypsy Rose Lee), sails in as part of a new show troupe and quickly falls for her ex-boyfriend's newfound honorasserting her intentions to keep Calhoun an honest man. But on her toes is a band of Calhoun's colorful old cohorts, and they ve got one thing on their conspiring minds GOLD. Can Calhoun remain an upstanding businessman as he endeavors to be the small town's banker, or will the old thief pull his greatest number yet on its unsuspecting citizens? Oscar(r) nominated for best original score this rousing western musical takes you on a hilarious ride through the backcountry of greed, deceit, and double-crossing for a fun-filled finale that is sure to catch you by surprise.

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