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Cynthia Davis

Beloved Leah

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Beloved Leah By:  Cynthia Davis

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BELOVED LEAH is the second in Cynthia Davis' series of Biblical portraits from the Old Testament. Davis brings the Old Testament saga to life in the setting of Haran, four thousand years ago. Leah's life-long journey in the shadow of her sister, Rachel, has consumed her with jealousy and bitterness. It is rumored that she will never marry; but, by the clever deception of her father, Leah is finally wed to her cousin, Jacob bar Isaac. To her distress, the man her father has chosen as her husband is the man who is deeply in love with Rachel. One week after Leah's marriage, the father's agreement reaches fruition, and Rachel is wed to Leah's husband. Leah finds comfort in her ability to please Jacob by bearing many sons in order to carry on his legacy; however, when Rachel is blessed with her first son, Joseph, whom Jacob deems the "special son," jealousy ensues throughout the family. Ultimately, Leah's faith in God is put to the test as she spends a lifetime competing with her sister for the love and affection of Jacob. Can she come to an understanding of the love of her husband and his God before it is too late? Davis remains true to the Biblical account of Leah and reveals the power of compassion, humility, and forgiveness through the grace of God.

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