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Benjamin Warren

Benjamin Warren - In Times like These

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In Times like These

By Benjamin Warren

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From the Artist

Benjamin Warren is an artist that crosses all demographics in his appeal. He composes wholly original works that defy categorizing into a particular genre. His music is charting a solitary and distinctive path in today’s recording industry. Benjamin Warren’s piano themes stir the heart and haunt the memory while his orchestrations have qualities that cannot be easily ignored or forgotten. His music combines the eloquence of melodic theme with the enormous, epic sound of symphonic orchestration. Benjamin Warren creates a sound experience unique in the world of instrumental music. If you are looking for more than the typical instrumental album, let Benjamin Warren alter your expectations.

About the Artist

Benjamin Warren is a senior pursuing his Business Administration degree at the University of Central Florida, Orlando. Ben’s gift for music was first recognized when he was a child. After his first session with Karen Prasser (Executive Director, Solon Center for the Arts, Solon, Ohio), Ms. Prasser explained that Benjamin is one of those gifted people who are born with the ability to create, transpose, improvise, retain, and perform music. The music he creates comes from within. Ben’s talent is phenomenal in that he not only composes but arranges, performs, and records the melodies and orchestrations for every song on his albums. He has incorporated the gift of being a music creationist with the technical side of producing quality sounds on some of the latest recording equipment used in the music industry today. At only 23, Benjamin Warren will be making his mark on the music of our world for years to come.

 Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Anything's Possible
  2. In Search of Truth
  3. Tomorrow Will Come
  4. In Times Like These
  5. Defeat
  6. Changes
  7. Something For Me
  8. Hills for Reflection
  9. Years Remembered
  10. Back Home
  11. The Reason for Choice
  12. Waterdance

Product details

  • Audio CD (November 1, 2016)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: CD Baby
  • Run Time: 54 minutes

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