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Emma Drummond

Beyond All Frontiers

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Beyond All Frontiers By: Emma Drummond    A Novel        

Good Condition (First American Edition. First Printing. (Full Number Line). Dust jacket is somewhat different from the one pictured on the Amazon detail page. Light wear to dust jacket. Slight tanning to inside end papers and outside page edges. Outside page edges have a small discoloration.)

Set in India at the time of the Raj, Beyond All Frontiers is a mesmerizing historical novel that seems to sum up an entire era through the lives of its characters. The story of a resourceful, courageous woman, Charlotte Scott, it is also the story of Britain's first war with Afghanistan, which ended with a brutal massacre in the Khyber Pass. And it is a novel about the Empire: how the British gained it - and why they would lose it at last.

Returning to India in 1837 after a sheltered childhood in England, seventeen year old Charlotte Scott finds not a loving mother but a cold, beautiful woman dismayed because her plain daughter cares more for politics and good works than for husband-hunting and frivolity. Charlotte finds her intelligence and sensitivity have no place in the peculiar world of the British army station, where full-dress balls and cricket matches are held amid Indian dust, heat, and sqaulor. Only one person truly befriends her: the athletic, handsome, unpretentious Richard Lingarde, considered the most eligible bachelor on the station. An engineer and speaker of native tongues, Richard knows what his fellow officers choose to ignore: the natives, both Indian and Afghan, despise the British and will defeat them in the end.

Although bewitched by her mother's exotic cavalier, Major Dupres, Charlotte agrees to marry Richard - and soon alienates him unforgiveably. Richard is sent to war-torn Kabul, where he embarks upon a life of danger and depravity. As Charlotte sets out on a treacherous journey through the Khyber Pass to find him, she begins to grow from a naive young girl into a woman of valor.

A love story of extraordinary depth and power, Beyond All Frontiers is a masterful combination of history, courage, surprise, and passion - a novel that makes us hope desperately to see the hero and heroine learn to care for each other as much as we care for them.
Paperback, 448 pages
Published November 1st 1985 by St. Martin's Press (first published 1983)

Emma Drummond

in The United Kingdom
January 01, 1931

Literature and Fiction

A pseudonym used by Edna Dawes.

Drummond was born in a Military Hospital, as her father was a member of the British Army. She spent her early childhood in Hong Kong, where her father was stationed. She eventually married a senior British Civil Servant. She worked for a time as a WRAC (Womens Royal Army Corps). She also writes as Elizabeth Darrell, Eve Dane, Edna Dawes, and Eleanor Drew.

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