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Cecilia E, Holloman

Beyond Enemy Lines

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Beyond Enemy Lines By: Cecilia E, Holloman

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At the onset of the Gulf War, God inspired the author with a vision that reveal the tactical secrets of warfare. The author had no previous understanding or exposure to war, military terminology, or warfare strategy. Beyond Enemy Lines is a poignant collection of spiritual revelations of the challenges that confront Believers and the intervention of the Holy Spirit to provide the strategies that set captives free. The book exposes the tactics of the enemy and offers insight into the warfare that occurs daily in all of our lives. The book outlines the Believer's responsibility to go beyond comfort zones into territory where loved ones are spiritually imprisoned. It challenges Believers to cross the line of demarcation into the areas where people are overcome by problems and troubles that paralyze and cripple them. It charges the Believer to become more effective and spiritually equipped to deal with the problems facing families and friends in today's troubled world. And it gives real life tesitmonies of victories. Now as the book is finally released, America is again engaged in war. Beyond Enemy Lines is most relevant for such a time as now.

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