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Peter Hammond

Biblical Principles for Africa

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Biblical Principles for Africa  By:  Peter Hammond

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Some years ago, Dr. Peter Hammond met with General Godfrey Miyanda in Lusaka, Zambia. General Miyanda had also been a prisoner in Lusaka Central Prison under the Kaunda regime. General Miyanda later served as Vice President of Zambia and as Minister of Education. On this occasion Dr. Hammond delivered to him a pile of great Christian books to assist him in his ministry. However, as General Miyanda looked at the high pile of books, he groaned. He loves reading, but the demands of his office gave him little time for study. He asked: "Don't you have a small book? One that summarises all of these?" It was in response to that challenge that Biblical Principles for Africa was produced. It presents over two decades of study, ministry, conducting Biblical Worldview Summits throughout Africa and writing.

This compact, 128 page book is designed to be a powerful discipleship tool - for government officials, businessmen, pastors, teachers, journalists and citizens throughout the 23 nations of Africa which have English as their official language.

This book has already been translated into French and gone through two editions and four printings of over 24,000 copies. This new completely revised and expanded edition of Biblical Principles for Africa is practical and packed full of tried and tested Scriptural solutions to Africa's most pressing problems. It deals with economics and education, crime and punishment, ethics and entertainment, families and free enterprise, politics and poverty, God and government.

There are chapters on The Battle for Your Mind, The War Against the Children, Poverty - It's Causes and Cure, Rediscovering the Christian Work Ethic, Understanding Other Worldviews, A Practical Strategy to Restore Biblical Values and so much more. This handbook for Reformation and Revival in Africa is conveniently pocket sized so as to be carried and read in aircraft, on trains, in Parliament and in waiting rooms. It's 20 chapters are incisive and on target, Biblical, practical and solution focused.

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