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Linda Svendsen

Bicycle: Around the World

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Bicycle: Around the World By:  Linda Svendsen

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"A bicycle ride is a flight from sadness." --James E. Starrs, The Literary Cyclist In our car-crazed world, it is the bicycle that exemplifies many freedoms. Like a patriot, a bicycle is rugged, unhampered, athletic, straightfoward, and independent. And as an added bonus, it is a simple machine anyone can learn to perform maintenance on. For years photographer Linda Svendsen has captured images of bicycles from around the world providing glimpses of the machine in all its forms and uses combined. With over 200 images, Bicycle is a true celebration of one of the world's classic mode of transportation that will inspire you to leave the SUV at home and bike whenever and wherever you can. So what are you waiting for--grab a copy and go for a spin!

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