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Reckless Sleepers

Reckless Sleepers - Big Boss Sounds

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Big Boss Sounds  

By Reckless Sleepers                      

Very Good Condition

(Original insert is in very good condition with a tiny hole punched in the bottom right corner (front & back).  Actual CD in very good condition} 

Some Reviews:

If you liked Jules and the Polar Bears, you'll like this recording. If you liked Watch Dog, you'll like this recording. Power pop with a touch of funk, and lots of guitar, and of course the voice of Jules. Shear's writing is very strong too; at times, it is as strong as anything he's written ("I Tried To Please Her" and "I Wake Up Loving You").Reviews:

It's amazing that this record didn't become more well known than it did when it came out in 1988. It's hard to think of a more finely crafted, radio friendly rock record. Jules Shear's song writing is impeccable, the songs are simple, yet his use of tension and release within the songs, and his lyrical gift, makes them seem more than they are, and keeps them interesting throughout. Jimmy Vivinno's guitar playing, his use of tonal color, and his spare, tasteful leads perfectly accentuate the songs, these are some great guitar arrangements. This band really played together as a unit, creating music that I think has remained vital after all these years.


A1 Tried To Please Her 3:53
A2 This Heart 3:37
A3 I Wake Up Loving You 4:53
A4 Mesmerized 4:14
A5 If We Never Meet Again 4:23
B1 Big Before It Bursts 4:00
B2 May Lou 3:49
B3 Big Boss Sounds 3:37
B4 Notting Hill Gate 3:54
B5 It Came Quick (And It Didn't Stay Long) 3:18

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