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Billy Rogan

Billy Rogan - A Loss For Words

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A Loss For Words

By Billy Rogan

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Billy Rogan discovered acoustic guitar instrumentals in open tunings after playing electric guitar for many years. "A Loss for Words" is his demo EP showcasing a half-dozen compositions where he combines the sweeping sounds of altered tunings with the drama of finger-tapping and other aggressive hand techniques. The result is music that is evocative and atmospheric.

A Review

This album definitely proves you do not need to have words to a song to make the music great. This album is perfect for when you just need to relax or if you just want to experience pure melody. Billy Rogan's versatile skill with the acoustic guitar in combination with percussion creates a variety of rhythms and moods throughout the album including a slower, smoother song like "Summer Slumber" and the faster, more exotic sounding "Ravi Shankar". "A Loss for Words" is the album of choice for people who love acoustic music and relaxation.


  1. Frank and Andrea 03:25     
  2. An Early One 02:23 
  3. Changes 05:00         
  4. Ravi Shankar 03:17 
  5. Summer Slumber 03:33 
  6.  Perambulate 03:14 


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