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Boswell Sisters

Boswell Sisters - Syncopating Harmonists From New Orleans

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Boswell Sisters - Syncopating Harmonists From New Orleans

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These three young sisters, Martha, Connie and ''Vet'', were raised in New Orleans and their musical training clearly benefited from the jazz influence that prevailed there. All three were fine musicians and Martha, who played piano, was often their accompanist. During their years as a vocal trio they gained immense popularity for their syncopated stylings and innovative harmonies.

In 1930, prior to launching their own recording career, the Sisters began attracting a following from radio broadcasts made in Hollywood. The shows were recorded on early 16-inch transcription discs for airing by participating radio stations. Nine of the selections included here are from those historic shows including I'm In Training For You. In 1930 they launched a highly successful recording career that continued until 1936 when the trio broke up. Connie (later Connee) continued on as a popular single artist.

This collection, in addition to the 1930 radio shows, includes two rare tracks from a 1935 Dodge radio show, I'll Never Say ''Never Again'' Again and Lullaby Of Broadway. The remaining selections are from choice commercial recordings made by the Boswells between 1932 and 1935.

A Review:

I say this with great joy, humility and sincerity... the Boswell Sisters are the most astonishing musical discovery of my life, after four-decades plus of being a fairly accomplished music lover and occasional snob. ;) That is saying quite a lot, as I also only just bought my first Screamin' Jay Hawkins album a week ago, heh. I cannot believe it took me so long to find them. To a fan of close-harmony (especially of sibling voices) it was a thunderbolt of understanding... of what jazz was, of who invented an entire class of sound that had always floored and hypnotized me. And it was these three, Martha, Connie and Vet, the Boswell sisters from New Orleans.

I came to enjoy 20's and 30's music through video games, of all things (Bioshocks, Fallouts and others) and from a fascination with Stanley Kubrick soundtracks, especially The Shining. This led me to enjoy acts like the Ink Spots, the Mills Brothers and the Andrews Sisters... and finally I heard the women by whom all these people were clearly influenced. They grew up with the jazz form, and were both siblings and sculptors of it. And I have even heard their echo in in three-and-four-part harmony overlays of Layne Staley's Alice in Chains.


1 I'm In Training For You
2 When The Little Red Roses Get The Blues For You
3 Does My Baby Love?
4 Song Of The Dawn
5 Liza Lee
6 Rarin' To Go
7 There's A Wah-Wah Gal In Agua Calliente
8 I'm On A Diet Of Love
9 The One I Love Just Can't Be Bothered With Me
10 Swanee Mammy
11 If It Ain't Love
12 Putting It On
13 Don't Let Your Love Go Wrong
14 It's Written All Over Your Face
15 Why Don't You Practice What You Preach
16 Every Little Moment
17 Way Back Home
18 The Object Of My Affection
19 I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again
20 Lullaby Of Broadway

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