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Billy May / Andrews Sisters

Billy May and Andrews Sisters - Brassmen's Holiday

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Brassmen's Holiday

By Billy May and Andrews Sisters  

Very Good Condition (There is a small, plain, white sticker on the inside of the front insert)

 Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Brassmen's Holiday
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. Love Is the Thing
  4. Ping Pong
  5. Moonlight Becomes You
  6. Pawn Ticket
  7. Solving the Riddle
  8. Invitation
  9. The Continental
  10. Return of the Zombie
  11. On a Little Street in Singapore
  12. Joom Jooms
  13. Don't Bring Lulu
  14. Me Too (Ho-Ho! Ha-Ha!)
  15. That Naughty Waltz
  16. A Smile Will Go a Long, Long Way
  17. Barney Google
  18. Collegiate
  19. Last Night on the Back Porch
  20. When Francis Dances With Me
  21. Back in Your Own Backyard
  22. Keep Your Skirts Down, Mary Ann
  23. The Japanese Sandman
  24. Show Me the Way to Go Home

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