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Carmen Lundy

Carmen Lundy - Moment To Moment

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Moment To Moment

By  Carmen Lundy

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A Review:

Like my fellow reviewers, I love Carmen Lundy's voice. She can move from a hard edged, cutting low register, to a honey toned, warm high note, without any apparent effort whatsoever. Yes, I love her voice - it's this album I don't particularly care for, (if you're interested in an album I do like, check out "Good Morning Kiss").

Like most of Ms Lundy's albums, "Moment to Moment" is a mix of originals and covers. Ms Lundy is a talented composer and I suspect that the standards repertoire of the future may well include songs from her pen - however, I doubt that those on this album will be among them. But putting aside the fact that most of the songs here are unremarkable, the real problem with this album is that it has no emotional impact, it has no "bite."

This lack of bite is excentuated by Onaje Gumbs, (keyboards and piano), Kenny Davis, (bass), and Buddy Williams, (drums) - all of whom are perfectly adequate in a '90's smooth jazz sort of way, never raise a sweat, and pretty much sleep their way through the set.

As far as I can tell, not once during the recording of "Moment to Moment," did Ms Lundy take a chance; not once did she take a risk; not once did she stretch herself. Ho hum.... Carmen Lundy has the voice and chops to blow your socks, (or any other item of clothing), off. But she doesn't do it


1     Invitation     6:23

2     Don't You Worry Your Head About It     5:00

3     You'll Always Have A Part Of Me     4:51

4     Samba De Laplaya     4:37

5     As One     3:27

6     A Time For Love     4:21

7     Big Girls     9:57

8     Moment To Moment     5:59


Product details

  • Audio CD (November 20, 1992)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Afrasia Prod.
  • ASIN: B000000T4V

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