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Edmondo Ros

Edmondo Ros - Celebration

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By:  Edmondo Ros

Very + Good Condition. (Includes jewel case, original artwork inserts, and Cd, all in very good condition.)


1          The Cuban Love Song           

2          South America Take It Away

3          Come Closer To Me   

4          Amapola         

5          The Wedding Samba 

6          What A Difference A Day Made      

7          Guantanamera

8          Brazil  

9          I, Yi. Yi, Yi, Yi          

10        Alma Llanera 

11        Papa Says       

12        I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face           

13        The Girl From Ipanema          

14        Malaguena      

15        Forbidden Games      

16        The Peanut Vendor    

17        The Laughing Samba 

18        How Near Is Love     

19        Colonel Bogey           

20        The Coffee Song

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