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Michael Lipske

Chemical Additives in Booze -

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Chemical Additives in Booze -   By Michael Lipske

Good Condition. (Soft cover has some rubbing along the binding edges. Without underlining and highlighting. Pages have deepened to a creaminess.)

Lipske, Michael Center for Science in the Public Interest (USA) [Corporate Author]


Chemical additives in unlabeled alcoholic beverages are discussed in a comprehensible, consumer-oriented text. Topics include the health risks associated with chemicals added to alcoholic beverages; stabilizers and other additives in beer; chemicals and additives present in wines and liquors; the case for and against natural alcoholic beverages; petitioning for a change in the labeling of alcoholic beverage ingredients; the absence of hazardous labeling in alcoholic beverage products; the adverse effects of alcohol and its additives; and the alcohol tax proposal. Nine appendices provide ancillary data and information on alcoholic beverage ingredients, caloric content, federal regulations, the industrial alcoholic beverage industry profile and corporate profiles; a listing of major brewers, vintners, and distilleries, the sulfur dioxide content of wines, and general references. (wz)