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Chevy Dream Machines "55, "56 & "57

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Chevy Dream Machines "55, "56 & "57

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Classic Chevrolet ragtops, hardtops, and wagons as they were originally introduced to the USA--Later to become the world's three most desired American collector cars. This exceptional compilation of rare sales films, promo clips and TV commercials takes one back to the Golden Age of Chevy's. You'll visit the assembly lines, proving grounds, showrooms, highways and beaches of America as three of Chevy's most popular model years hit the road. A 1955 Bel Air with Motoramic Drive and "efficient torque multiplication" blows the door off of a Ford and a Plymouth in acceleration and hill climbing tests. Chassis protection facilitates water skiing. Power steering make for footloose driving of a Chevy convertible. New "Valve In-head Blue Flame Sixes" get 28mpg and approach the quiet of a Turbofire V8, which does 0-80 in 23 seconds.l You'll also see rare Vintage RV Commercials, Promo Clips & Sales Films featuring the three hottest Chevy's in America. You'll see the new 1950's Chevrolet V8. Thrilling stunt driver crackups. Showrooms loaded with 1950's Chevy's, and see Chevy Vs. 1950's Ford Tests.

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