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Shao Xiaocheng

Chinese Embroidery: An Illustrated Stitch Guide

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Chinese Embroidery: An Illustrated Stitch Guide  By Shao Xiaocheng

Very Good Condition. (Clean and unmarked text. Very good dust jacket. Plain blank white nameplate on the front end page)

Chines embroidery is one of the most popular traditional arts of China, reflecting the superb skills of the Chinese people and their love for beauty as evident in the rich, colorful, and exquisite creations. This book gives a brief history of Chinese embroidery, the different schools in different ages, their styles, knowledge about selection, and the collecting and preservation of embroidered articles. It also explains and analyzes twenty-five kinds of needlework for Chinese embroidery with exquisite pictures and detailed words, teaches comprehensive application of these basic skills and presents over fort exquisite embroidered pieces both for daily use and artistic appreciation. This book will give insight to the pattern-oriented art and traditional culture of China, help one to master the embroidery craftsmanship unique to China and experience the joy of embroidery. It will certainly stimulate the imagination and inspire creative embroidered pieces.

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