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Mills Brothers

Mills Brothers - Chronological Vol. 5

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Chronological Vol. 5  

By The Mills Brothers

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The fifth of six JSP CDs that reissue all of the Mills Brothers' early recordings in chronological order mostly covers the July 1937-August 1938 period. In addition to particularly memorable renditions of "Organ Grinder's Swing" and "Caravan," there are three enjoyable collaborations with Louis Armstrong of which "The Song Is Ended" is a definite highlight. There is also a broadcast version of "Flat Foot Floogie," two odd numbers that team Louis Armstrong with Harry Mills ("Elder Eatmore's Sermon on Throwing Stones" and "On Generosity") that do not really come off and three earlier numbers (including a medley with the Don Redman Orchestra) that had been formerly bypassed in this definitive series. Highly recommended, as are all six of these volumes.


 1          Organ Grinder's Swong         

2          Let Me Dream

3          Caravan          

4          Little Old Lady          

5          The Song Is Ended [Take 1]  

6          Caravan          

7          Flat Foot Floogie       

8          The Song Is Ended    

9          My Walking Stick      

10        Funiculì, Funiculà      

11        Asleep In The Deep   

12        Flat Foot Floogie       

13        Side Kick Joe 

14        Julius Caesar  

15        Sixty Seconds Got Together  

16        Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Throwing Stones          

17        Elder Eatmore's Sermon On Generosity        

18        Just A Kid Named Joe           

19        The Yam        

20        Lambeth Walk           

21        Shuffle Your Feet/Bandanna Babies 

22        My Little Grass Schack In Kealakekua Hawaii         

23        Sweet Lucy Brown    

24        Caravan          

25        The Song Is Ended [Take 2]

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