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Vera Lynn

Close to You Vera Lynn

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Close to You  By Vera Lynn

Very + + Good Condition. (Includes jewel case, original artwork inserts, and Cd, all in very good condition.)


1          You'll Never Know    

2          We Three        

3          Yours 

4          Who's Taking You Home Tonight     

5          A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square        

6          That Lovely Weekend           

7          ( There'll Be Bluebirds Over ) The White Cliffs Of Dover   

8          Jealousy          

9          When The Lights Go On Again All Over The World           

10        Be Like The Kettle And Sing

11        Wishing ( Will Make It So )   

12        We'll Meet Again       

13        Goodnight Children Everywhere      

14        It's A Lovely Day      

15        Mexicali Rose

16        There'll Come Another Day   

17        The Anniversary Waltz          

18        The London I Love    

19        Something To Remember You By     

20        Over The Hill 

21        Close To You

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