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Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor - Come Before Winter

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Come Before Winter    

By Jim Taylor                 

Very Good Condition - Includes original Artwork

An accidental side effect of the new age crowd's fondness for tinkling instrumental music was a broader appreciation of traditional Appalachian tunes. Much of Jim Taylor's repertoire consists of Irish classics and mountain songs hundreds of years old, and his originals sound like lost works from the same genres. On Come Before Winter, Taylor assembled a fine group of North Carolina session musicians and made an album which presents the material in a low-key, authentic manner. The instrumental expertise is there, but it's not flashy -- everyone plays their parts lyrically, but without frills and flourishes. The result is an album that is beautiful and very enjoyable, one that can be listened to repeatedly with pleasure.

Track Listings:

1. Mooncoin

2. Primrose Lass/Green Grow The Rushes, O

3. Jamie's Ramble

4. The Stack of Barley/Jessica's Polka

5. Drunk At Night, Dry In The Morning

6. Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady/Carolan's Receipt

7. Farewell To Native Land

8. A Tune For The Shakers

9. Come Before Winter

10. The Boys Of Ballycastle/The Boys Of Bluehill

11. Bobby Casey's Hornpipe/East Fork Reel/The Pinch of Snuff/ The Shaker's Chair Upon Whick Tom Morrison Sat

12. Beth's Waltz/Old South Waltz


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