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Father Patrick A. Martin

Come Full Circle

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Come Full Circle By: Patrick A. Martin

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Father Patrick Martin was born on March 18, 1944, the 17th child of a family of 22 children. He was a healthy boy, attended school and Mass and ran and played like any other boy. He was suddenly stricken, on July 25, 1953, at the age of 9. The diagnosis was Tubercular Meningitis. The doctors said there was no hope ... he would not survive. Five months later he was released from the hospital. He could not walk, he could barely see, and he had no memory prior to the diagnosis.
It has been a long and often painfully struggle best described by Father Pat himself in the dedication of his third book ... ”Dedicated to my teacher, who has taught me life’s most precious lessons, my companion, who has never left my side and my dearly beloved friend, who has taught me what it really means to love ... MY BLINDNDESS!”

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