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Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey - Complete Standard Transcripts (4 CD Set)

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Complete Standard Transcripts  (4 CD Set)

By:  Tommy Dorsey

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The Complete Standard Transcriptions is exactly that -- the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra's complete recordings for the Standard Transcriptions library on four discs, comprising nearly four hours of music. These studio recordings, made expressly for radio broadcast, have never before been commercially released in their entirety. Made in 1950-1952, Dorsey's Standard Transcriptions are late-career performances that find his orchestra working with swing and big-band dance music (vocal and instrumental) years after those styles had fallen out of favor, but key contributors like trumpeter Charlie Shavers and arranger Bill Finegan keep the quality high. The box set also preserves the original spoken intros designed to give the impression that Dorsey was playing live on the radio when the transcriptions were aired. With excellent sound quality and exactingly complete presentation, The Complete Standard Transcriptions is custom-made for collectors.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Hello Everyone
  2. I'm In The Mood For Love
  3. Embraceable You
  4. Feels So Good
  5. Sleepy Lagoon
  6. Summertime
  7. Kidney Stew
  8. Puddle Wump
  9. Dry Bones
  10. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
  11. At Sundown
  12. Concerto
  13. Cradle Song
  14. A Ghost Of A Chance
  15. 'Our Arranger Is Billy Finegan...'
  16. Comin' Thru The Rye
  17. NIce To Know You Care
  18. Haunted Heart
  19. When
  20. Shake That Tree
  21. Why Shouldn't I?
  22. I Oughta Know More About You


Disc: 2

  1. The Yodel Blues
  2. A Month Of Sundays
  3. Picalilly Dilly
  4. My Foolish Heart
  5. Just One Of Those Things
  6. Dream Weaver
  7. The Lonesomest Whistle
  8. It All Begins And Ends With You
  9. Annette
  10. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
  11. 'A Town Called Hollywood...'
  12. Easy To Love
  13. Serenade To A Pair Of Nylons
  14. Looking For A Boy
  15. American Beauty Rose
  16. I'm Following You
  17. 'I Feel Like A Whirling Dervish...'
  18. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
  19. I Am Loved
  20. Use Your Imagination
  21. No Lover
  22. Where Oh Where


Disc: 3

  1. 'Back In The 1920's...'
  2. Mean To Me
  3. I've Got A Crush On You
  4. If I Forget You
  5. Love Is The Sweetest Thing
  6. You're Blase'
  7. 'Here's A Tune With A Great Beat...'
  8. Natchez Parade
  9. How Long Is Forever?
  10. Boulevard Cafe
  11. Evertrue Evermore
  12. Shavers Shivers
  13. My Truly, Truly Fair
  14. The Chesapeake & Ohio
  15. You're So Wholesome
  16. There's A Big Blue Cloud
  17. 'The Gershwin Boys...'
  18. Maybe
  19. Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
  20. My Sweetie Went Away
  21. Little By Little
  22. If I Should Lose You
  23. Cheerful Little Earful


Disc: 4

  1. 'Tommy Dorsey Again...'
  2. Emaline
  3. Lost In A Fog
  4. Taking A Chance On Love
  5. Opus
  6. 'My Boy Charles Shavers...'
  7. The Cuttin' Out Blues
  8. Marie
  9. Hollywood Hat
  10. Your Daddy's Got The Gleeks
  11. Wagon Wheels
  12. Diane
  13. Chlo-E
  14. The Keel Row
  15. Two Beats On A Bat
  16. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
  17. They Didn't Believe Me
  18. Cheek To Cheek
  19. Song Of India
  20. I Get A Kick Out Of You
  21. Sweet Georgia Brown
  22. Lil' Liza Jane
  23. At The Fat Man's
  24. 'Theme Time Is Here, Folks...'

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