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David Bellamy

David Bellamy's Winter Landscapes: in Watercolour

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David Bellamy's Winter Landscapes: in Watercolour

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Watercolour landscape expert and renowned author, David Bellamy, has a particular liking for winter subjects, since the landscape at this time is not overwhelmed with green. Here he shares his expertise in capturing winter scenes, from how to wrap up and do rapid outdoor sketches to capturing mist, late autumn colours, bare tree trunks and various types of snow, through using rogue colours, making the most of low lighting and introducing early spring elements. There are four sections: late autumn, winter, deep mid-winter and early spring, and four beautiful step-by-step projects.

Editorial Reviews


September 2014 For most of the year green is the predominant color when painting landscapes (at least here in Britain). In winter this changes and a wider palette presents itself to the artist, together with some different challenges. Here is a book dedicated to taking the mystery out of painting winter landscapes. There are some lovely subjects in here that will make artists want to seize the nearest brush. Trees in late autumn, studies of mountains and farms and my favorite showing early spring daffodils by a lonely house on a country road. Before you get to all that the author has some useful tips on what to buy; not only for painting purposes but to get kitted up to go out into the weather and sketch. What to pack, what to wear and how you can record the essence of a scene without staying out too long and catching a chill are all covered, as well as indoor sketching from photographs. In true Search Press style there are four projects in here to tackle complete with lists of what you need and staged photographic instructions. There are also tips on various aspects of winter landscape painting; how to get various effects, colors to use, drawing trees, figures, animals etc as well as snow. If you have gone beyond the Ready To Paint series and are keen to tackle this aspect of landscape watercolor painting minus tracings this is a useful book to have. Myshelf.com October 2014 "To those hardy companions who, over the years, have endured appalling winter conditions, uncomplaining, while I complete an equally appalling sketch". This dedication in the front of David Bellamy's latest book, Winter Landscapes in Watercolour, made me laugh, but it does emphasise how difficult painting outdoors in less than clement weather can be. David is no stranger to adverse conditions, and indeed seems to thrive on painting the world's wild places. Here he shares his many years of experience with us, showing how to turn the lack of summer greenery to our advantage and capture the drama of winter scenes, working quickly with rapid outdoor sketched. There's practical advice on working outdoors, including what clothes to wear, how to find shelter, maybe working from the comfort of your car. It's all in the preparation: a flask of soup or coffee could save the day! The book includes four sections: late autumn, winter, deep midwinter and early spring, and each is accompanied by detailed step-by-step demonstrations. Leisure Painter, The December 2014 Watercolor is the most accessible and convenient medium for leisure artists, yet it requires great dexterity and expertise. Trusted and admired British watercolor artist and teacher Bellamy has authored many outstanding how-to books explicating watercolor skills, from his Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting (2011) to titles focusing on various types of landscapes and "skies, light and atmosphere." In his newest inspiring and instructional guide, he touts the pleasures of painting winter scenes, noting the beauty of the season's dramatic light and how "winter trees take on a different, at times romantic beauty in their naked splendour" and addressing the challenges of working in the cold. Bellamy discusses how to use photographs and the importance of studio sketches. His step-by-step instructions, illustrated with his own superb work, are exceptionally detailed in their presentation of brush techniques and recommended colors for painting certain landscape elements (trees, water and ice, mountains, birds and animals) in the differently nuanced atmospheres of late autumn, winter without and with snow (ah, the many shades of white), and early spring. Watercolorists will want all of Bellamy's books. 

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  • Paperback:80 pages
  • Publisher:Search Press (January 13, 2015)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1844487032
  • ISBN-13:978-1844487035
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  • By popular Artist & TV personality, David Bellamy
  • Full of practical advice, hints, tips & demonstrations

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