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Henry Scott Holland

Death Is Nothing at All (Inspirational) (Inspirational) by Henry Scott Holland (1987)

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Death Is Nothing at All (Inspirational) (Inspirational) by Henry Scott Holland (1987)

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The message of comfort contained in this little book is an inspired statement of hope and belief. Millions of bereaved people over the years have drawn from it serenity, acceptance, and the ability to face life after the death of a loved one, and for those wishing to convey sympathy but unable to find the right words, it says it all.

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I read this at the funeral of a woman I'd been a caregiver for for about 3 years. Her husband put together her funeral with loving care in every detail, and said that she was not particularly religious, so her funeral would reflect that. I found this poem on the internet, and her husband, sister, and nephew all liked it. So, I read it at the funeral, and received several comments on how nice it was. I would definitely recommend it for someone in a similar situation! It's more uplifting than sad, too.

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