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Ray Lynch

Ray Lynch - Deep Breakfast

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 Deep Breakfast   

By Ray Lynch     

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 Deep Breakfast eventually went platinum (mainly through word-of-mouth, so it took a while), and it generated a lot of fan mail. Hearing from so many different kinds of people telling me how much the music meant to them was both empowering and sobering. And to some extent, it helped set the stage for the next album, No Blue Thing, which won 2         Deep Breakfast was possible because I had already done The Sky of Mind and new technological tools had become available. One part of my character had been summarized and expressed in the previous work and I was ready to do something different - something more energetic and less "controlled". I didn't "plan" or prefigure the album as a whole (I never do this). I simply started writing pieces which were interesting or moving or fun, or any combination of the above and when I had enough pieces I spent a fair amount of time sequencing them until they seemed to work together.

A Review:

Deep Breakfast was the first music of this genre I was ever exposed to back in the 80's. The lovely, ethereal music haunted me for years. Decades later, I'd all but forgotten the name of the artist, but still found myself humming some of his songs. When I unearthed an old cassette tape in a box of junk, I was excited to finally remember where I'd heard the songs I'd been humming. After a quick look online, I was overjoyed to find Ray Lynch's entire collection of albums was available on CD. I have all of them now and play them any time I need a quiet, soothing background.

Track List

 1   Celestial Soda Pop / Ray Lynch

2   The Oh Of Pleasure / Ray Lynch

3   Falling In The Garden / Ray Lynch

4   Your Feeling Shoulders / Ray Lynch

5   Rhythm In The Pews / Ray Lynch

6   Kathleen's Song / Ray Lynch

7   Pastorale / Ray Lynch

8   Tiny Geometries / Ray Lynch


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