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Darin Talbot

Darin Talbot - Driving Around Tahoe

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Driving Around Tahoe  (This is a CD Set)

By Darin Talbot

Good + Condition. (Original Pictorial cardboard case has light wear. Includes two discs that are in very good condition. Very Good Condition. )

Lake Tahoe's ultimate DRIVING Tour Guide. It works in REAL TIME as you drive around the lake. Just start on a cooresponding track and move clockwise. 47 tracks, over two hours of stories, songs, legends, folklore, information, and a useful map inside.

Editorial Reviews

Two CDs containing travel directions all the way around Lake Tahe, California / Nevada. In Real Time.
If traveling at a reasonable speed, these CDs will guide you to whatever destination you choose on the Lake shores in real time, with scenic and point of interest for you to see. It will point our view points, restaurantes and shops, so you will not miss on any of the attractions around the lake.

Original sound track by Darin Talbot.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Cool Spots: Stateline
  3. Legend of Big Waters
  4. Tahoe Statistics
  5. Lazy Days in Tahoe
  6. How Tahoe Got It's Name
  7. Angora
  8. The Angora Fire
  9. Cool Spots: South Shore
  10. Old Friend
  11. Emerald Bay
  12. The Bloody Mary Song
  13. Cool Spots: West Shore
  14. Ski Bum
  15. Snowshoe Thompson
  16. Old School Rider
  17. The Godfather Part II & Other Movies Filmed in Lake Tahoe
  18. Loaded Lazy Leisure Life
  19. Tahoe Tavern
  20. Fanny Bridge & The Truckee River
  21. On the Banks of Frenchmens Creek
  22. Tweeker Shred Master
  23. Squaw Valley
  24. Cool Spots: Squaw Valley
  25. Snow Day
  26. Biggest Winter Ever & The Donner Party
  27. Song for You


Disc: 2

  1. Cool Spots: Tahoe City
  2. John Steinbeck
  3. Big Air
  4. Is There a Monster in Lake Tahoe?
  5. Rider Your Dreams
  6. Frank Sinatra & The Cal-Neva
  7. Cool Spots: North Shore
  8. Tail Grab
  9. Bonanza & The Ponderosa Ranch
  10. Perfect Tahoe Day
  11. Cool Spots: East Shore
  12. Thunderbird Lodge
  13. Markl Twain & Virginia City
  14. Cool Spots: Hwy 50
  15. S. S. Tahoe Steamer
  16. Dusk Upon the Lake
  17. Cave Rock
  18. Living out a Dream
  19. Saving Lake Tahoe
  20. Outro
  21. Legend of Big Water

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