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Laurie Lewis

Laurie Lewis - Earth & Sky: Songs of Laurie Lewis

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Earth & Sky: Songs of Laurie Lewis

By Laurie Lewis

Good Condition  (Hole punched in bar code.  Includes jewel case, original artwork inserts, and CD, all in very good condition.)

This album offers good, quality bluegrass from start to finish. Laurie Lewis writes and sings from the heart, without excessive embellishment. Her voice is suitable to the music, and her arrangements and instrumentation are mainly free from gimmicks. Like life, her work speaks for itself. On the whole, I would give this four stars, but for the presence of a masterpiece on this album.

What makes the album special is "The Maple's Lament." This song is the saddest piece of existentialism I have ever heard. Accompanied by the mournful wail of a solo violin (being played on two strings), the singer tells the tale of the maple tree, its memories and its days in the sun. I won't ruin the surprise any further for anyone who may not guess the point. The solo violin is beautifully played.

TRACK LIST           

1   Girlfriend, Guard Your Heart

2   Green Fields

3   Don't Get Too Close

4   Love Chooses You

5   Texas Bluebonnets

6   Fine Line

7   Old Friend

8   The Maple's Lament

9   The Bear Song

10 The Light

11 The Point Of No Return

12 Restless Rambling Heart

13 I'd Be Lost Without You

14 The Hills Of My Home

15 Haven Of Mercy

16 Magic Light

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