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Yehuda Berg

El poder de la cabala: Tecnologia para el alma

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El poder de la cabala: Tecnologia para el alma   By:  Yehuda Berg

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Is it possible to turn that rush that comes from closing a business deal or having a brief, passionate affair into an enduring sense of wholeness and peace? Kabbalah, according to its increasingly large group of practitioners, is the path from that fleeting feeling of pleasure that most people settle for to the lasting fulfillment that is their birthright as human beings. In El poder de la Cabal,renowned teacher Yehuda Berg shows how to view and navigate through life by tapping Kabbalistic truths. He explains the key process of transforming from a reactive to a proactive being that will in turn trigger increased creative energy, greater personal power, and a stronger and more satisfying sense of life. These teachings include embracing rather than avoiding problems and obstacles as true opportunities for spiritual development; making miracles through positive thinking; and accepting responsibility for what happens in one's life.


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