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Ella Mae Morse

Ella Mae Morse - Collector's series

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Collector's Series

By  Ella Mae Morse    

Very + + Good Condition. (Includes jewel case, original artwork inserts, and Cd, all in very good condition.)

After being out of print for many years, a well-chosen sampling of Morse's groundbreaking recordings are now available on this splendid compilation. Her ten charting solo singles are here, along with sides recorded with Freddie Slack and some obscure tracks. Morse blazes through every song, particularly "House of Blue Lights," "Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet," "Pig Foot Pete," "The Blacksmith Blues," and her first recording, "Cow Cow Boogie." The album has terrific liners and superlative sound.


            TITLE    TIME

1   Cow-Cow Boogie  3:13

2   Mr. Five By Five  3:02

3   The Thrill Is Gone  2:57

4   Get On Board, Little Chillun  3:05

5   Shoo-Shoo Baby  3:17

6   No Love, No Nothin'  2:36

7   Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet  2:38

8   Tess's Torch Song (I Had a Man)  3:13

9   The Patty Cake Man  2:55

10 Captain Kidd  2:52

11 Rip Van Winkle  3:00

12 Buzz Me  2:58

13 The House of Blue Lights  2:53

14 Pig Foot Pete  2:53

15 Get Off It and Go  2:34

16 Tennessee Saturday Night  2:20

17 The Blacksmith Blues  3:06

18 Oakie Boogie  2:28

19 40 Cups of Coffee  2:53

20 I Love You Yes I Do  2:41

21 Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive  3:19

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