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Epiphany Season - Eden's Lie

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Epiphany Season

By  Eden's Lie

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Southern New Hampshire’s own Eden’s Lie is back with a powerhouse new CD Epiphany Season and with 19 tracks this album kicks off 2011 with quite a variety of melodic rock, catchy hooks and heavy deep emotional ridden lyrics.  Jeff Richards really stretches out his multi-level talents on Epiphany Season, handling all lead vocals, drums and production duties.  Eden’s Lie has always been about in your face, jump up and down party rock and that’s most evident on this new release.  In fact you could say the bounce in their step is harder and this party should last even longer.  Nice work if you can get it!!


“Afraid” – this one is all Jeff and guitar player Vinny Nault.  When I read the back of the cd I was thinking..hmm..Motley Crue cover from Generation Swine!?!!   Not quite, but still gets the job done with a track that pretty much sums up the band in a nutshell, lyrically anyway.  I like the pace on this one, I think it should be played a bit harder and faster live for the full E Lie effect.

“Face”- more of a mid-tempo track, it works with some solid guitar work from both Mike Pickens and Zander Carlson.  Hey Jeff, try this one live just as an acoustic number. I think it might work even better.

“Crossing”- one of my favorite tracks with some memorable harmonies and very catchy chorus.  The tempo is perfect..some really slick guitar on this one as well.

“Epiphany Season” – Really enjoy the piano at the intro.   This one has that lighter in the air, swaying arms back and forth feel to it.  Power track, power vocals, crunchy lead from Carlson.  This song has the potential to be a show stopper if it can be pulled off live.

“Aligned”- very colorful vocal and punchy lyrics..but where are the drums here???  Huge potential but it lacked something in the final translation and mix.  I hope the live version has some serious skin pounding!!

“Turning In”- love the lyrics on this one and one of the more polished tracks off of the album with some of the best harmonies overall.  Perfect tempo and pace!

“Worlds Apart”- the guitar intro is about as close to county sounding E Lie and Vinny Nault will ever venture into!!   The song suffers a bit for me because it never catches any real momentum.  Maybe live it will have a different feel.

“Could Have Been You”- terrific vocal and use of percussion on this tune.  Very Dokken sounding Erase the Slate feel to this one.  I liked it.

“Heart of Aggression”- this is the stand out track on ES and my personal favorite.  Strong drums, over the top guitar shredding from Carlson, more Dokken sounding harmonies here!!!  Love it boys!!!

“Comfortable with Tragedy”- some of the strongest lyrics on ES this one is haunting..but in a good way.  The song is much more upbeat than the lyrics would have you believe.  Terrific pace and tempo more stellar guitar work from Carlson.

“This Time”- I had to listen to this one at least 3 times before it made an impression on me..not sure why.  It’s heavy, pounding, and somewhat angry but fun!!! 

“Say”- stellar harmonies from Richards.  I think the nature of this track the guitars were toned down a lot here even for an E Lie song!  It worked..solid track.

“Tantrum”- instrumental.  Tasty percussion and drum sounds from Richards.

“Safe Not Saved”- first time I heard this the chorus reminded me a lot of one of all time favorite tunes from the 80’s “True Believer” from Lillian Axe. Intentionally done or not..this gets full “80’S Guy for The Modern Eye” stamp of approval!!   

“Lost In A Phrase”- more cool use of piano in the intro this song picks up the pace rather quickly and moves and grooves in the right direction.

“Solitary Space”-starts off real slow and does pick up the tempo but not enough. I found myself wanting more aggression here, more action, but didn’t find it on this track.

“Take”- I like the harmonies on this one. Catchy lyrics, if pulled off live this will be a set favorite for E Lie fans. 

“Wait”- again I’m thinking “White Lion” cover??  No..but one of my favorites on the album.  Again solid use of harmonies..sort of has an Alice in Chains feel to it.  Guitars could have been a tad louder in the mix but enjoyed it.

“Blame” – one of the albums harder tracks, Carlson gets to show off some of his cooler riffs here.  I hope this one makes the live set!

I think Richards hits the mark on Epiphany Season with solid song-writing, good production (for the most part) and a great cast of character’s to carry on the tradition of Eden’s Lie as a band.  The whole is equal to the sum of its parts and that’s Eden’s Lie in 2011. 

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