Various Artists - Fingerpicking Guitar Delights

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Fingerpicking Guitar Delights  

By Various Artists

Very Good Condition. (Includes jewel case, original artwork inserts, and CD, all in very good condition)

Here's a 25-track compilation of material produced by guitarist Stefan Grossman in the 1970s. Six fingerpicking guitarists -- Duck Baker, Ton Van Bergeyk, Dale Evans (not the cowgirl), Leo Wijnkamp Jr., and Lasse Johansson & Claes Palmqvist -- contribute, offering a variety of approaches and styles, including ragtime, Dixieland, bluegrass, and Celtic.


1          Allegheny County      

2          Golliwog's Cakewalk 

3          Jessica

4          Ragtime Nightengale 

5          By A Waterfall          

6          Back Home In Indiana          

7          Cold Feet       

8          Hilarity Rag   

9          Hick's Farewell          

10        Heliotrope Bouquet   

11        T.N.T. 

12        Mardi Gras Dance      

13        Creole Belles - March & Two Step    

14        Manya Berserka         

15        Grey Hills       

16        Cataract Rag  

17        The Jackson Stomp    

18        Light And Bitter        

19        Original Dixieland One-Step 

20        Ugly Duckling           

21        You Took Advantage Of Me

22        Chromatic Rag           

23        No Love         

24        R.A.F. Shuffle           

25        Jolymont

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