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Ephraim Ramkissoon

Force Ripe

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Force Ripe  By  Ephraim Ramkissoon

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Faced with the senseless and brutal murder of a childhood companion, Daniel struggles to understand the changes that have left his beloved country under siege. Moved by the words of a priest, Daniel nostalgically returns to the days of his youth—to the wisdom of his father—to humorously reflect on the erosion of cultural and moral values that plague present-day Trinidad. Set in the agricultural village of Lengua in south Trinidad, Ramkissoon draws upon his own life experiences to narrate the socio-economic changes that have contributed to the decadence of this West Indian society. Force Ripe takes its reader on an entertaining and at times heart-wrenching journey that reveals the complexity of the world in which it seeks to narrate. An engaging first novel, Ramkissoon’s voice is one that certainly needs to be heard.

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