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Francine Prince

Francine Prince's New Jewish Cuisine

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Francine Prince's New Jewish Cuisine by Francine Prince

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What's new (besides the use of the food processor) about the variously Jewish recipes that Prince has devised for this collection? A not-too-strict attempt to control amounts of today's dietary no-no's: There's a fat-free chicken broth (though pages later there are also directions for rendering chicken fat), a ``lighter'' kibbeh and a trimmer gefilte fish, knishes baked instead of fried, and an avoidance of sugar that results in the overuse of frozen apple-juice concentrate in everything from challah to honey cake to stuffed cabbage to an ersatz Chinese chicken dish. Also new, in a way, to American-Jewish cooking are a number of dishes in the Sephardic (mostly Middle Eastern) vein along with the more familiar Eastern European fare. Then there are Prince's own inventions: main-dish strudels (turkey/lentil; chicken/kasha) and others less traditional and Jewish only because ``permitted.'' The anchor of tradition, though, and of conformity to Jewish dietary law, makes this a lot more viable than the author's last offering, Francine Prince's New Diet for Life Cookbook (1989).

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Title      Francine Prince's New Jewish Cuisine: More Than 175 Recipes for Holidays and Every Day

Author  Francine Prince

Edition  illustrated, reprint

Publisher          Perigee Book, 1992

ISBN     0399517553, 9780399517556

Length  223 pages

Subjects           Cooking › Regional & Ethnic › Jewish & Kosher

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