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Front Porch String Band

Front Porch String Band - Front Porch Swing Band

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Front Porch String Band

Good Condition. (SIGNED BY ARTIST. CD has a couple of light scratches that do not affect play. Includes original artwork inserts, jewel case, and CD.)

Strong, melodic and inventive from start to finish. The opening chords of "Ever in Oklahoma" rivet you, and the rest of the album is faithful to their promise. Larry Lynch plays especially fine mandolin. "Come Unto Me", "Hills of Alabam'" and "Living in Our Country World" are classics.
The centerpiece is of course Claire Lynch's soaring voice, here more direct and less sweet than elsewhere. This album, unlike her others, gives equal weight and more to the other musicians. Her singing is carried to another level when it's balanced and framed with equally capable instrumentals, as it is here.
This is Claire Lynch's and Front Porch's best album. It's among the top bluegrass albums I've ever found. Ten years after first hearing it, I find it's still fresh.


1   If You're Ever In Oklahoma

2   Heart Against The Wind

3   Living In Our Country World

4   Come Unto Me

5   The Girl I Love

6   The Singer

7   Go My Way

8   Hills Of Alabam

9   Back To My Love

10 Grant's Mill

11 Wabash Cannonball

12 Daddy Keeps On Plowin'

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