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Joan Morris and William Bolcom

Joan Morris & William Bolcom - Girl on the Magazine Cover: Songs of Berlin

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The Girl on the Magazine Cover: Songs of Berlin  

By:  Joan Morris and William Bolcom

 Very ++ Good Condition. (Includes CD,original artwork inserts and jewel case, all in VERY good Condition.)

Joan Morris is a mezzo-soprano who has recorded a number of albums accompanied by her husband, composer and pianist William Bolcom. She has a lovely voice, and sings the old Tin Pan Alley and similar genre songs straight in the way they were written, without a lot of jazz embellishment. (Not that jazz embellishment is bad, it just doesn't always work with this material.) I'm a big fan of hers, so my opinions may be a little biased; but if you love this music it's hard to not enjoy Morris singing it.

This is one of two albums devoted to Irving Berlin.* While others may have written more sophisticated tunes or more profound lyrics, no one matched Berlin in term of just plain good, rousing , songs. And Morris is with him all the way. Great stuff to listen to around a holiday!




1. Always,

2. The Girl On The Magazine Cover,

3. That Mysterious Rag,

4. All Alone,

5. Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning,

6. Supper Time,

7. White Christmas,

8. Pack Up Your Sins and Go To the Devil,

9. Not For All the Rice in China,

10. Cheek to Cheek,

11. Let s Have Another Cup of Coffee, 1

2. It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow,

13. What ll I Do,

14. Isn t This a Lovely Day

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  • Audio CD (October 25, 1990)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: RCA
  • Run Time: 40.15 minutes
  • ASIN: B000008DMW

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