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Tracy Chevalier

Girl With a Pearl Earring

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Girl With a Pearl Earring   By  Tracy Chevalier

Good Condition (Former library with typical stickers. Cassettes remain in good condition.)

From the back: "The life of the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer is barely known to us, but this imaginative work lays out a fantasy of what might have been. Griet is a sixteen-year-old girl with gifts for color and design, who is hired by Vermeer to clean and arrange his studio. The relationship quickly deepens and becomes more intimate, leading at last to Griet grinding his paints and becoming his model for for the luminous melancholy painting whose is this book;s title. All the while, Griet gains a better sense of her fraught situation in a household ruled by Vermeer's jealous continually pregnant wife and silent mother-in-law. It is her wearing of her mistress's pearl earrings in contravention of her low social status, which causes her downfall."

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