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Michael Sorkin and Marguerite How

Go Blow Your Nose

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Go Blow Your Nose  By  Michael Sorkin and Marguerite How

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by Michael Sorkin and Marguerite Howe

Since scientists disagree whether medical treatment can change the course of a cold, you might as well give in to this whimsical little book that’s subtitled “Uncommon Guide to the Common Cold.” A sampling of the questions and answers will show what this book is about: “Q. How long does a cold generally last? A. A cold lasts until the end of the week unless it occurs on the weekend, in which case it lasts until Thursday.” Or: “Q. What should I do if my nose goes on strike? A. Pick it.” You had to ask. There’s also a quiz and a crossword puzzle with “achoo” as one of the answers. Colds are so awful that this is exactly the kind of book they deserve. 

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Title     Go Blow Your Nose

Authors           Michael Sorkin, Marguerite Beede Howe

Edition            illustrated

Publisher         St. Martin's Press, 1982

ISBN   0312329873, 9780312329877

Length 88 pages

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