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Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby - Going Hollywood, Vol. 2: 1936-1939

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Going Hollywood, Vol. 2: 1936-1939 [ORIGINAL RECORDINGS REMASTERED] 2CD SET  

By Bing Crosby

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By mid 1935, the time reached on the first volume of Bing Crosby's 'Going Hollywood', Bing had become one of the top stars of screen, radio and records. Crowds were flocking into cinemas across the nation to see 'Two For Tonight' and 'The Big Broadcast Of 1936'. Three records of songs of the former picture were in the best selling lists whilst his record of "I Wished On The Moon" (from the latter film) was at the number two position beaten only by Little Jack Little's "I'm In The Mood For Love". His Woodbury Soap sponsored radio show which came to an end in June had enjoyed very high ratings and it seemed the public just couldn't get enough of Mr Crosby. They needn't have worried, there was much more to come from a star who was riding the crest of a wave. So here is the long awaited second volume from Jasmine chronicling Bing Crosby's highly successful Hollywood film career and as before using a mixture of studio and film soundtrack recordings spanning 50 tracks.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Sailor Beware (Anything Goes)
  2. Moonburn (Anything Goes)
  3. My Heart And I (Anything Goes)
  4. You're The Top (Anything Goes)
  5. Shanghai-De-Ho (Anything Goes)
  6. Empty Saddles (Rhythm On The Range)
  7. Round-Up Lullaby (Rhythm On The Range)
  8. I Can't Escape From You (Rhythm On The Range)
  9. Drink It Down / I'm An Old Cowhand (Rhythm On The Range)
  10. The House Jack Built For Jill (Rhythm On The Range)
  11. So Did I (Pennies From Heaven)
  12. Pennies From Heaven (Pennies From Heaven)
  13. Let's Call A Heart A Heart (Pennies From Heaven)
  14. One, Two, Button Your Shoe (Pennies From Heaven)
  15. Nani Ona Pua (Waikiki Wedding)
  16. Blue Hawaii (Waikiki Wedding)
  17. Sweet Leilani (Waikiki Wedding)
  18. In A Little Hula Heaven (Waikiki Wedding)
  19. Sweet Is The Word For You (Waikiki Wedding)
  20. Smarty (Double Or Nothing)
  21. All You Want To Do Is Dance (Double Or Nothing)
  22. It's The Natural Thing To Do (Double Or Nothing)
  23. The Moon Got In My Eyes (Double Or Nothing)
  24. After You (Double Or Nothing)


Disc: 2

  1. My Heart Is Taking Lessons (Doctor Rhythm)
  2. On The Sentimental Side (Doctor Rhythm)
  3. This Is My Night To Dream (Doctor Rhythm)
  4. Only A Gipsy Knows (Doctor Rhythm)
  5. I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams (Doctor Rhythm)
  6. Don't Let That Moon Get Away (Doctor Rhythm)
  7. Laugh And Call It Love (Doctor Rhythm)
  8. Small Fry (Doctor Rhythm)
  9. Where Is Central Park? (Doctor Rhythm)
  10. The Funny Old Hills (Paris Honeymoon)
  11. I Ain't Got Nobody (Paris Honeymoon)
  12. I Have Eyes (Paris Honeymoon)
  13. You're A Sweet Little Headache (Paris Honeymoon)
  14. Joobalai (Paris Honeymoon)
  15. Sing A Song Of Sunbeams (East Side Of Heaven)
  16. Hang Your Heart On A Hickory Limb (East Side Of Heaven)
  17. That Sly Old Gentleman (East Side Of Heaven)
  18. East Side Of Heaven (East Side Of Heaven)
  19. Jimmy Valentine (The Star Maker)
  20. A Man And His Dream (The Star Maker)
  21. If I Was A Millionaire (The Star Maker)
  22. Go Fly A Kite (The Star Maker)
  23. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (The Star Maker)
  24. In My Merry Oldsmobile (The Star Maker)
  25. Schooldays (The Star Maker)
  26. Still The Bluebird Sings (The Star Maker)

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