All actors are actual students (Actor), David Waschko (Director)

Golden Breath, American Tai Chi, Volume 2, Movements 14-26

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Golden Breath, American Tai Chi, Volume 2, Movements 14-26    All actors are actual students (Actor), David Waschko (Director) 

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If you don't live near a Golden Breath class, you can now bring this internally recognized system of better health into your home. These easy step-by-step videos walk you through the movements that will allow you to feel the benefits of better well-being within the first few minutes. Each movement is narrated and visually illustrated giving you easy-to-follow instructions. The importance between Breath and Movement seemed distant until Golden Breath American Tai Chi was brillantly created..... The mission of Golden Breath is to improve the quality of life whether you are young or old, healthy or sick, in the worst of shape or in the best of shape.... Golden Breath will synchronize the breath and the body, creating a beautiful dance that not only restores one's health, but relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the spirit. Breathe to Believe. Golden Breath is an internal art that adapts easily to each persons needs regardless of limitations. Golden Breath can even be done from a sitting position!! The Difference between life and death is Breath.... So exercise it.


Mike Maggiani Before I started taking classes at Golden Breath, I suffered two serious brain injuries. The first injury was the result of a motorcycle accident. The other was due to an assault by a man who clobbered me mercilessly with a bedpost. From these incidents, I suffered paralysis of the right side of my body and an injury to my foot, which required surgery among other physical problems. I noticed after just a few weeks of tai-chi class that I stopped picking my fingernails. I have had this annoying habit for as long as I can remember. Most likely, the moves of tai-chi gave me discipline and focus that I no longer needed to continue this bad habit. When I use to drive I would hold onto the steering wheel as tight as I could. Now Im relaxed after doing tai-chi moves and I dont have the need to grip the wheel like I once did. Before starting Golden Breath, I used to frequently break out with rashes on my back. The exercises definitely healed my back and now I only get rashes about once a year. Tai Chi increases circulation in your body. Golden Breath Tai-Chi has really been a blessing to me. Im healthier and now my movements flow like water. I increasingly improve physically as I continue with the class and practice my moves at home. Besides my physical improvement I am more focused.

Jim Roach, Retired Philadelphia Police Officer Starting in 1997 I began noticing my writing was getting worse than usual and my walking was becoming unstable. I went to several doctors and chiropractors who told me the problem was with my spine/back. After repeated spinal manipulations and various medications I went to a neurologist in 1999 who informed me I had a form of Parkinsons Disease called Parkinsons Syndrome. By this time I was having difficulty with my motor skills and was stiff like a board in my movements. I tried various medications but they seemed to have little or no effect on my stiffness. My doctor thought maybe physical therapy would help and sent me to Pennsylvania Hospital to try physical therapy at the Parkinsons Disease Center who specializes in this type therapy. At one of the sessions two instructors from Golden Breath American Tai Chi came to put on a demonstration of how Tai Chi works and helps with movement. I was very skeptical at first but when they observed how stiff I was they made it a point to pay special attention to me and try to get me to do some of the exercises. They then told me when and where classes were held and I should come and take the classes. After several weeks of telling my wife I was not interested I finally gave in and we went to our first class and gave it a shot. Let me make this clear - this was the best investment I have ever made in my life. I love this program and the instructors and people attending are the greatest. The founder of the program, Sibok, immediately noticed my problems and assured me that his system could help me gain back my mobility. I have been attending classes once or twice a week for the past three years and have attained the rank of High Junior. My motor skills are almost back to normal and the movements and breathing exercises have changed my life. I make sure that I am able to make class at least once a week and would highly recommend this class to anyone who has difficulty with motor skills or to anyone who wants to participate in a exercise program that will dramatically change their life for the better. Although I know Tai Chi is not a cure for Parkinsons Syndrome or any other disease it surely has given me the ability to live my life in a way that I never expected after my diagnosis and the future looks a whole lot brighter for my family and myself. No matter how hard I tried I could never thank all the instructors who took me under their wings and never let me give up and helped me reach the level I am enjoying today. I can never say this enough times but anyone who wants to enjoy a fantastic program, whether or not you have a medical or physical problem, please give Golden Breath American Tai Chi a chance and you will never regret it for the rest of your life.

Sister Bernadette Kinniry, RSM, Tai Chi at Siloam For the past four years, Golden Breath T'ai Chi has been offered at SILOAM on Wednesdays, from 5:50 - 6:30 pm. This provides those infected/affected by HIV/AIDS safe space for wholesome body/mind/spirit exercise on behalf of wellness. I have witnessed obvious improvement inphysical health, attitudes of self-worth and care, and a deepening sense of belonging in those who attend. Honoring the time to continue to learn this method of being, and applying it daily in one's flow of the day, makes a marked difference in the all-around wellness of the participant. Becoming aware of the sacredness of one's own breath, of the vibrant dance of that breathing as we choose to slow down and be, is priceless learning. I am so grateful for the generosity, skill, care and wisdom of all our teachers. They are offering a significant gift to our world, and each who participates is a unique flow of that gift.

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Actors: all actors are actual students

Directors: David Waschko

Format: NTSC, Widescreen

Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)

Number of discs: 1

Rated:   G   General Audience

Studio: Breathe to Believe Inc

DVD Release Date: November 26, 2008

Run Time: 180 minutes